Discover How To Unlock Your Hidden Potential And Overcome Your Inner Struggles For A Life Of Success and Fulfillment!

Radically Enhance Your Life In 4 Months (Or Less!) Join Hundreds Of Others In Breaking Through Barriers In Business, Career, Relationships, And Health With Heartcore Leadership.

Experience a Transformation Like Never Before with HeartCore Leadership's Proven 3-Phase Approach:

Phase #1: Vision

In Vision, you will hit reset on your life and release what’s been holding you back from having the impact and life you crave. You will leave with an insane energy and commitment to follow through on your biggest life vision!
Phase #2: Breakthrough

In Breakthrough, you shatter everything that is not working for you. You’ll redefine how you show up in the world and discover how to operate from a new place of possibility. Leave the past firmly behind and walk into your future as a powerful leader.
Phase #3: Practice

Discover how to Style-Flex and land your communication even with the most difficult people in your life. Develop your authoritative voice to influence change in others and yourself. You’ll set a big 90-day goal for yourself. We hold you accountable and coach you to your success — 95% of our students hit their goals!

Hear From Past Students How HeartCore Leadership Has Transformed Their Lives:


Join a Global Community of Growth-Driven Students: From 31+ Countries, We Stretch Limits, Create Visions, and Stand Together for a Unified, Transformed World.

More Lives That Have Been Forever Changed By Joining Heartcore Leadership:

Shankari and Jimmie Paradee
Before HeartCore Leadership: We were in a place like most couples. Some days were amazing and some days were tough; always asking ourselves, “Can we make this work when things get hard?”, “Why is everyone else getting separated?”, “Is this all there is? Is this what life is all about?”, “What happens after the kids grow up?”, “Were we always one argument away from walking away?” Everything was always floating in uncertainty. So much in regards to trust issues with each other. We felt like there wasn't a defined purpose to what we wanted in our marriage or even how to get to that purpose. Also, was it even possible to create a married life worth living?

After HeartCore Leadership: We are stronger than ever and inseparable. We have our voices heard and being there for each has a whole new meaning and perspective. We have overcome fear and doubt in each other, being right about something rather than hearing each other out. The way we show up in our business and workplace have shifted and we are creating incredible results.

We are moving our family to a beautiful new home this month and transformed our relationship with money from consumer debt to being financially free!

In our marriage we now have the tools and experience to recognize when each other needs support and how to more effectively communicate on each other’s level when life happens. We have also been integrating the techniques learned in leadership with our children and how they approach life. The common thread is connection and unity through trust, authenticity, and love.
Ayman Samman
The exercises revealed to me how much of my life I wasted being worried about what others thought of me and the result was a diluted version of who I am. I cared too much for making people like me that I neglected to like myself. Leadership training showed me the value of living life authentically with integrity. That self love and acceptance is critical to one’s thriving in life.

I thought the training would lead to one big breakthrough at the end but I discovered it was more like an avalanche of breakthroughs.Since the training, I’ve been on a path of career success as well as physical and emotional well-being. It was certainly an investment that created a residual return of constant progress in my life.

Upcoming Heartcore Leadership Dates

HCL52 Dates: 
  • Vision: September 10-12, 2024
  • ​​Breakthrough: September 24-27, 2024
  • ​Practice: (3 Meetings)
  • 1st Practice: October 3-4, 2024
  • ​​2nd Practice: November 25-26, 2024
  • ​3rd Practice: January 9-10, 2025

Trust Yourself and Be Our Next Success Story:

"I recommend leadership to everybody that I come in contact with because I feel like you can have the blueprint to success but if you don’t have your leadership and your mindset on a solid foundation, you will just keep spinning and looking for the answers in all the wrong places.”​
- Kristel David​
"Before HCL, I was a chronic FLAKE!! I would have a great idea, start it, and find ways to justify not finishing it to move onto the “next great idea"... Shanda and HCL changed all of that for saved my relationship, it helped me double my income, and it’s given me the biggest gift of all—trust in myself and trust in the process of life."
- Julie Serot
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